What Is SR 22 Car Insurance, And How Does It Work?

If you're convicted of a major traffic offense, your license could be revoked or suspended temporarily. The process of reinstating your license following revocation or suspension can be intimidating, and one of the conditions may be that you have to get SR-22 insurance. 

An SR-22 isn't really insurance itself; it is a document to show you have the minimum liability insurance required by your state. In Virginia and Florida, it's also referred to as an FR-44. Continue reading to learn more. 

Where Do You Get SR-22 Insurance?

If your insurance company allows SR-22 insurance filings, all you've got to do is call them and request that it be added to your existing policy. Upon adding it, they will also file it with your state. 

If your auto insurance firm does not offer SR-22s, or you don't have car insurance, you will need to purchase a new policy. Some insurers may not offer a policy to someone that requires an SR-22 or someone with a major driving infraction, so inform potential insurers in advance that you need an SR-22 to save time. 

Will an SR-22 Affect Your Insurance Costs?

While filing for an SR-22 is cheap or no-cost, chances are your auto insurance rates will rise with the mandate. That's because you're now a high-risk driver. 

There are various ways you can use to keep your premiums low, even with an SR-22. One of these ways is to increase the policy deductible. But remember, if you get in an accident, you'll have to cover the deductible from your amount, so choose an amount you can afford. 

How Long Do You Need SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 car insurance terms usually vary by state. But generally, you may need to have it for about three years. Some states even require you to have it for a longer period, especially if you were charged with a DUI.  

Also, it's important to know when your clock starts ticking. The period you're needed to have SR-22 may begin on the date your license was suspended or on the date you're eligible to apply for license reinstatement. 

Do You Need SR-22 Insurance If You Don't Have a Car?

You may still need an SR-22 certificate even if you don't have a car. For example, if you rent a car or drive a borrowed car and are involved in an accident, you could still be liable for property damage or personal injury claims. 

In such cases, you have the option of getting a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy. If your license is suspended, you may even be required to obtain a non-owner SR-22 before you can reinstate it.

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