Hiring A Public Adjuster To Assess Tornado Damage

Mother nature can cause havoc on a house, and the damage can happen in the spare of the moment. For example, a homeowner can go from hearing tornado sirens one minute to a home that is destroyed within the next few minutes. If you are the victim of a tornado that caused a lot of damage to your home, filing an insurance claim can be done if your home is covered under an insurance policy. After a claim has been filed, the damage that the tornado caused to your home must be assessed by an adjuster who will be sent by your insurance provider. However, it is also wise to get the damage assessed by a public adjuster to ensure that you are offered a fair settlement by the insurance company.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a professional who can make a big difference in how much money you can obtain from your insurance provider. Unlike the adjusters that are commonly sent by insurance companies, a public adjuster will work with your best interest at heart. For example, when an adjuster is sent on behalf of an insurance company, the adjuster might do everything possible to make sure your settlement is as low as possible to save the insurance company money. With a public adjuster by your side, he or she will be sure to include all the tornado damage to your home that is possible in his or her report.

How Do Public Adjusters Perform Inspections?

When your home is inspected, a public adjuster will thoroughly look at each room to determine if there is tornado damage. For example, the adjuster will look at the windows in each room to determine if the glass was cracked or shattered by the tornado. He or she will also determine if rainwater came in through the damaged windows, walls, or other areas that were destroyed during the storm. The exterior of your home will be thoroughly inspected as well, including the roof, siding, and even your landscape.

When Can a Public Adjuster Visit a Home?

When you make an appointment with a public adjuster to assess the tornado damage to your home, he or she will set a date in a timely manner. Insurance adjusters know that their clients need insurance money to put their lives back on track, so the adjuster works as fast as possible to assess the damage. Contact a public insurance claim adjuster to find out how much tornado damage was done to your home so you can begin the process of filing an insurance claim.