3 Facts You Should Know When You Need An Sr22

In many states, if you have been convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or been ticketed for driving a vehicle without insurance, you may have been ordered by a judge to obtain an SR22. You may also need it as the result of a suspended driver's license.  However, it is not unusual for people to need an SR22 without actually knowing what it is. Therefore, the following information will help you fully understand the details of this important addition to your car insurance. 

#1-An SR22 Is Not Actually An Insurance Policy By Itself

It is first important to know that contrary to what you may think, an SR22, which is also known as a Statement of Responsibility, is not actually a type of insurance. Instead, it functions as an addition to your policy. While many states have something of an honor system when it comes to your car insurance and rarely notice right away if your policy is canceled, the SR22 is very different. 

The SR22 is evidence that will be provided to the judge that has ordered it. Essentially, it is documentation that your car has adequate insurance, but it's not the actual policy. If you fail to make the appropriate payments, the insurance company would typically cancel your policy and then inform the courts of the change. If that were to happen, you would probably lose your license or face other legal problems soon after.

#2-You Should Expect Higher Payments And A Filing Fee When You Have An SR22

As previously mentioned, the SR22 will need to be filed with the courts. As a result, you should expect to pay a filing fee for that form. If you pay your car insurance monthly, as opposed to annually or every six months, it is very possible that you will need to pay that fee each month.

#3-An SR22 Is Not A Temporary Measure

Another fact that you should be prepared for is that it is fairly common to need an SR22 for several years. Although some people only need it for two years, others are required to have it for seven or more years. During that time, you cannot allow your  insurance or rider to lapse and you will need to closely follow all of the driving laws. Even a minor traffic offense could nullify your insurance policy or the SR22 supplement to it and you will probably lose the the right to drive.     

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