Blown Away—Wind And Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Your home and property face the wrath of extreme weather all year round. One of the most important things any property owner can do to protect themselves from disaster is to understand what is and isn't covered by their insurance.  So, how are you insured against dangerous and damaging wind events? Here's what every homeowner needs to know. Is Wind Covered By Home Insurance? The good news for most homeowners is that wind is one of the routine weather events that is generally covered by standard home insurance policies.

What Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know About Group Health Insurance

As a small business owner, you need to protect yourself with different types of insurance. One of the most important types of insurance for small business owners is group health insurance. Group health insurance is a type of insurance that helps cover the cost of medical care for a group of people. Employers often offer this type of insurance to their employees as part of a benefits package. But what exactly should this plan cover?

3 Ways to Get the Best Deal on Homeowners Insurance

One of the many myths surrounding homeowners insurance is that it's merely an optional add-on to the purchase of a residential property. The fact is that homeowners insurance is required in order to secure a loan for a mortgage. With that in mind, it is more than worthwhile for prospective homeowners to shop around to get the best possible deal on a policy. If you're looking to purchase a property soon, keep reading below to learn about three of the key ways you can get a great deal.

Common Recreational Vehicle Insurance Mistakes You Should Avoid

Whether you are planning a trip across the country or simply want to enjoy camping vacations with your family on the weekends, a recreational vehicle is a great way to hit the road and enjoy nature. Just like your main vehicle and home, your recreational vehicle needs to be insured. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes that some people make that can cost them money or not provide their RV with adequate coverage.

5 Tips To Help You Save On Your Home Insurance

Are you tired of struggling financially to keep up with your home insurance payments each month? If so, you should know that it is possible to lower the cost of your insurance policy without reducing the amount of coverage that this policy offers. The five tips below can help you to accomplish this goal quickly and easily. Tip #1: Raise Your Deductible Some people are afraid to choose a higher deductible for their home insurance policy.

Hiring A Public Adjuster To Assess Tornado Damage

Mother nature can cause havoc on a house, and the damage can happen in the spare of the moment. For example, a homeowner can go from hearing tornado sirens one minute to a home that is destroyed within the next few minutes. If you are the victim of a tornado that caused a lot of damage to your home, filing an insurance claim can be done if your home is covered under an insurance policy.

The Three Categories For Auto Insurance

Are you shopping around for car insurance and feeling a bit confused about what kind of coverage that you need? It will help to break it down into these three categories. Coverage For Others  The main type of coverage for others that you'll want to have is bodily injury coverage, which is when you cause an accident that injures somebody else. Bodily injury coverage has limits that state how much the insurance company will pay per person, and how much total coverage you get per accident.

4 Surprising Things That May Be Covered By Your Auto Insurance Policy

You are probably aware of the common items covered in car insurance—like the cost of replacing or repairing parts after an auto accident or medical bills. But what you may not know is that your auto insurance policy covers so much more.  Of course, all car insurance policies are different, and coverage may vary from state to state. You may also need comprehensive coverage to enjoy most of these benefits. Check your policy to know for certain, but here are some surprising things that may be covered in your policy.

What To Know About The Different Auto Insurance Coverage Options

Do you need to purchase auto insurance, but feel a bit confused about all of your coverage options? It will help to break down what they are and how they can protect you. Bodily Liability Your auto insurance will pay money to others if you caused an accident that led to another person being injured through bodily liability coverage. It is designed to pay for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.