Why Your Home Insurance Rates Might Go Up

If you are currently enjoying low premiums for your home insurance coverage, you should be on the lookout for the factors that might trigger a rate hike. Some of the factors might be out of your control, while others are things you can influence. Below are some of these factors. Inflation The average prices for goods and services change over time; a positive (increase) change is known as inflation. Inflation is the reason a thousand dollars today does not have the same purchasing power it did a decade ago.

An Overview Of Inland Marine Insurance

While the word "marine" typically refers to water, inland marine insurance has nothing to do with water. The insurance coverage applies to moveable property on land, as well as some form of specialized equipment. Below is an overview of inland marine insurance. Covered Property Inland marine insurance covers a variety of properties, but the following are some of the most notable.  Property on Transit These are goods that are being transported overland.