Auto-Insurance 101: What Is High-Risk Auto Insurance?

Just as the name suggests, high-risk automobile insurance is intended for someone the insurance provider deems to be a high risk. This is someone who has made frequent claims in the past and is frequently at fault for accidents. This is someone who has a history that suggests they are more likely to make claims in the future. If you could be considered "high risk," it is normal for you to want to know more about this type of insurance.

3 Facts You Should Know When You Need An Sr22

In many states, if you have been convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or been ticketed for driving a vehicle without insurance, you may have been ordered by a judge to obtain an SR22. You may also need it as the result of a suspended driver's license.  However, it is not unusual for people to need an SR22 without actually knowing what it is. Therefore, the following information will help you fully understand the details of this important addition to your car insurance.