Why Would One "Bother" With Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Those who don't own cars are often advised to buy non-owner car insurance. If you don't own a car, you are probably wondering why you should bother with this coverage. The reality is that it isn't a bother at all since non-owner car coverage offers several benefits. Here are three benefits you will find useful:

Continuous Coverage

Auto insurance companies are wary of motorists with gaps in their coverage history. This is because most of the reasons people lose coverage are usually bad for business (from the point of view of insurance carriers). For example, you may lose coverage if you forget to pay your bill, don't have money for your premiums or have your policy canceled due to a serious infraction.

Insurance companies would view you with suspicion even if you didn't have coverage because you didn't own a car. A gap in coverage can, therefore, easily lead to increased rates the next time you are buying insurance. Buying non-owner car insurance is an excellent way of ensuring that you have continuous coverage.

It Is Relatively Inexpensive

Now that you know that you should never be without auto insurance coverage, you are probably wondering why non-owner car insurance is an excellent option. One reason for this is that non-owner coverage is usually way cheaper than other forms of coverage. This is because if you don't own a car, you won't be driving as much as car owners. Your reduced time on the road will lead to reduced annual mileage and reduced exposure to different types of risks. All these are things that affect car insurance rates, which is why non-owner coverage is relatively inexpensive.

It Covers Rental Cars

Most people who don't own cars depend on rental cars – a lot. Unfortunately, the auto insurance coverage offered by rental car companies is usually sold at a premium; it's more expensive than market rates. Buying the coverage once or twice may not be a big deal, but it will put a huge dent in your pocket if you use rental cars and rental car coverage all the time. Therefore, if you think you will be driving rental cars a lot, buy non-owner coverage since it extends to rental cars.

As you can see, there are many benefits of buying non-owner car insurance. As previously mentioned, the coverage isn't expensive either. Talk to an insurance agent today to help you customize the right non-owner car insurance coverage for your circumstances. A company like Independent Insurance Associates Inc can be a great resource.