Does Your Standard Home Insurance Policy Cover Wind Damage From Hurricanes?

Generally, standard home insurance policies cover damage caused by wind due to windstorms and hurricanes. But in certain hurricane-prone areas, homeowners are required to purchase separate hurricane insurance in addition to fire, theft, liability, and flood coverage. Therefore, wherever you live, it's important to make certain that you have the insurance coverage you need to cover damage from wind and wind-driven rain whether minor or severe.


If your home insurance policy covers storm damages caused by wind, you can file a claim to replace shattered windows and roofing shingles that blow off. Fallen trees and water damage caused by rain entering your home through broken windows or roof damage are other covered damages. However, check your policy for any limitations or exclusions that may apply.


If you live in a coastal area prone to hurricanes, you may have to buy a separate windstorm policy to cover losses due to wind damage. But even if you don't need to purchase a separate policy, some standard policies require that you name wind in the policy as a covered peril the same as you would fire and theft.

Hotel and food costs are not covered if you must evacuate your home during a hurricane. However, if your home is uninhabitable following a storm, your insurance will pay for additional living expenses while you are temporarily displaced and your home is being repaired or rebuilt. Your policy may include dollar limits for additional living expenses.

Damage a hurricane causes to your vehicle is not covered by your home insurance policy. You must have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance to protect against that particular loss.

Hurricane Deductible

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, your policy may require that you pay a separate deductible when you submit a claim for hurricane damage. Insurers usually require that homeowners in coastal states pay a percentage-based rather than a flat-rate deductible in order to limit the losses to the insurance company.

Hurricane deductibles are a percentage of your home's insured value. Percentages vary from state to state as well as from one insurance company to another. Homeowners living in certain states, including Florida, that are hard hit by hurricanes pay a higher percentage than the average percentage homeowners in other states pay.

On the plus side, in some coastal states—like Florida—insurers apply the deductible on an annual basis. Therefore, if your home incurs damage from multiple storms within the same 12-month policy period, the insurance company requires you to pay the hurricane deductible only once. For more information, contact companies like Mid-Alliance Insurance Associates LLC.