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Why Your Home Insurance Rates Might Go Up

If you are currently enjoying low premiums for your home insurance coverage, you should be on the lookout for the factors that might trigger a rate hike. Some of the factors might be out of your control, while others are things you can influence. Below are some of these factors. Inflation The average prices for goods and services change over time; a positive (increase) change is known as inflation. Inflation is the reason a thousand dollars today does not have the same purchasing power it did a decade ago.

An Overview Of Inland Marine Insurance

While the word "marine" typically refers to water, inland marine insurance has nothing to do with water. The insurance coverage applies to moveable property on land, as well as some form of specialized equipment. Below is an overview of inland marine insurance. Covered Property Inland marine insurance covers a variety of properties, but the following are some of the most notable.  Property on Transit These are goods that are being transported overland.

An Overview Of Contractual Liability Insurance

As an entrepreneur, one of the best ways to protect your business is to invest in the right insurance coverage. One of the forms of coverage you need is contractual liability insurance, which many entrepreneurs don't know about. Below is a candid overview of this form of insurance coverage. What It Is Contractual liability insurance protects you from liabilities that may arise when you enter into a contract with another party.

Auto Insurance Riders You Should Consider Having

Many insurance companies provide their clients with the option of purchasing additional coverage along with the standard coverage offered by the policy. Such an additional coverage goes by different names such as a rider, add-on, or endorsement, among others. Below are some auto insurance riders that may be worth purchasing. Gap Insurance If you drive a leased car or you financed your car purchase, then there might come a time when you owe more on the car than its value.

3 Tips For Saving On Your Prescription Meds

Whether you are on anti-depressants, pain medication, or drugs to treat high blood pressure or diabetes, paying out of pocket for these drugs can be costly. Unfortunately, this is a common problem many people face. Thankfully, help is available. With this guide, you will learn a few simple solutions for reducing the cost of your important prescription medications. Go Generic One of the easiest ways to reduce the cost of your prescription medications is to use generic instead of brand-name medications.

The Importance Of Your Driving Record For Your Auto Insurance

Driving is something that many people over the age of 16 do, but it is not something you are entitled to. Instead, it is a privilege, and you can keep this privilege by proving you are responsible when you drive. Anytime you encounter a ticket, violation, or accident, it will be recorded, and these types of things affect your driving record. Here are several things to know about your driving record, the importance of it, and the effects it can have on your car insurance.

How To Shop For A Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy

Running a small business can be immensely rewarding. However, there are many things you need to stay on top of. You will need to research and obtain all the necessary permits and licenses that will allow you to do business lawfully. Things get even more complicated if you hire employees. If you have at least one employee, you're legally required to purchase worker's compensation insurance that will benefit your employee if they get sick or injured at work.

Car Insurance Mistakes That Lead To Higher Rates

Buying car insurance is a confusing process for many people, and because of this, there are a lot of people who make mistakes on their policies, and these mistakes lead to higher rates. If you want to pay less for your insurance, you should aim to avoid making costly mistakes, and here are three mistakes you should try to avoid making as they can lead to higher rates than what you should be paying.

How Your Location Affects The Rates You Pay For Car Insurance

When you request a quote for car insurance, the agent will likely want to know a lot of details about you, your life, and your car. Among the questions he or she will ask, there may be some related to your location. The reason agents ask questions about location is because it is a factor that can affect the rates a person pays for auto insurance. Here are a few things to know about this.

3 Things To Know About Medical Malpractice Insurance

If you are a medical professional, having medical malpractice insurance is a must. While your goal is likely to provide the best care possible, occasionally mistakes do happen, and when it comes to medical care, even small errors can have a very big impact. Medical malpractice insurance is something that can protect you in case of an error or a perceived error in the care you provide. Here are three things that you should know when it comes to this type of insurance.

Should Owner-Operators Carry Physical Damage Insurance As Part Of Their Commercial Trucking Insurance Policy?

Commercial trucker insurance can be confusing, but at least some of the decisions are made for you — for example, you're required to carry a certain level of liability insurance in order to operate a truck. Physical damage insurance isn't one of those types of insurance. Unless you're required to carry it as part of the financing agreement for your truck, then purchasing this type of insurance is solely your discretion.

Three Things to Know About Filing Homeowner's Insurance Claims

When you own a home, you need to make sure that you have homeowner's insurance to protect your home. Homeowner's insurance is a great way to protect your investment; you just have to know how to use it when something goes wrong. #1 Learn How Long You Have to File a Claim There is a time limit for you to file a claim following the incident that caused the damage. The time limit varies based on what caused the damage, so be sure to talk to your insurance company ahead of time and learn how much time you have to file a claim after an incident.

Things Not Covered By Errors And Omissions Insurance

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance coverage is a form of professional liability insurance that protects people against claims made against them for inadequate or inaccurate work. However, the term "errors and omissions" has misled people into thinking that every mistake they make at work will be protected by E&O insurance coverage. Well, that isn't the case, and E&O won't protect you in the following cases: Intentional Deception E&O coverage is strictly meant to cover losses arising out of accidental mistakes, and not intentional ones.

3 Critical Tips For First-Time Homeowners Purchasing Home Insurance

If you're about to purchase your first home, you need to have it insured. After all, a number of things could go wrong, and having insurance protects you from a financial standpoint. To ensure you purchase the right policy in a stress-free manner, remember these tips.  1. Know How Much Your Home is Worth  To know how much insurance you need for your particular home, you first need to understand how much it's worth.

The Difference Between Collision And Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage

If your parents are no longer willing to pay your car insurance, you might need to contact an insurance company to purchase your first car insurance policy on your own. When you do this, you might now know a lot about car insurance, simply because you've never had to buy a policy before, and you might have some questions. One of the top questions people often have with car insurance involves the differences between collision and comprehensive coverage.

What Is Non-Owners Car Insurance?

If you do not own a car anymore, you might think that you no longer need auto insurance. While, technically, you are not required to have car insurance if you do not have a car, you may still want to purchase a policy. In this situation, the type of policy you would need is called non-owners car insurance. Non-owners car insurance is an affordable type of coverage you should get if you no longer have a car, and here are several things to know about it.

3 Things That Affect Your Home Insurance

Insuring your home is incredibly important. There are many people who buy a house without realizing that they will have to put a good deal into their home insurance. The amount that you pay in insurance will vary from person to person and house to house because there are individual factors that determine the cost. Here are some factors that will affect your home insurance. 1. Where You Live One of the first things that insurance provider will look at when determining how much you will need to pay for insurance is where you live.

The First Things To Look Into For Your New Business

Are you trying to decide whether your business is feasible? There are a couple of parts to your research; here are the first steps.  How Much Will It Cost?  Often, it will cost more than you think it will. Look into all aspects of the product or service. How competitive is marketing in your niche? More competitive areas mean more dollars spent on marketing. What is the cost of getting your product made?

Make Sure Your College Bound Child Is Properly Insured

Sending your child off to college can be a bittersweet moment. You are proud of their accomplishment, excited about their future, but a little worried about the separation. Making sure your young adult is properly insured during their time at university can help relieve some of the worry. The following guide can help you with this. Health insurance Thanks to the new insurance regulations, your child can likely remain on the family health insurance policy until they are 26 years old.

Four Small Ways To Save More On Your Homeowners Insurance

As a homeowner, there are already many expenses that you need to spend yearly on your home so saving on these costs can help you live that much more comfortably. While you might be aware of some of the basics of saving money on your homeowners insurance, here are four smaller ways that you may not have been aware of: Find Obscure Discounts: Every year, homeowners insurance companies offer discounts on their policies for the strangest reasons that many homeowners don't think to ask about.

3 Tips For Saving Time When Shopping For Car Insurance

Shopping for car insurance can be time-consuming. It's a smart idea to get quotes from a few different companies so that you can get the best deal, for example, and some people find that this takes a while. Luckily, it is possible to save time when shopping for car insurance. These are a few tips that can help you do so. 1. Gather Your Paperwork First First of all, you should be prepared when you start shopping for car insurance.

3 Steps For Buying And Registering A Car

Buying a vehicle can be a great step to take in your life whenever you handle it in a way that works. Because of this, the best thing you can do is learn how to make the right purchase for you, while also taking the time to get your vehicle registered and to keep it legal in your state. This article provides you a bit of help in that regard, so use these strategies in order to make your purchase useful.

Tips For Keeping Your Teen's Auto Insurance As Low As Possible

Allowing your teenager to drive gives them independence and can be beneficial to you. They can now drive themselves to and from school, sports and school events and to hang out with their friends. You will no longer have to be their personal taxi and shuttle them around. However, having a teenage driver is not cheap. Teenage drivers are more likely to be in car accidents than experienced drivers due to their lack of driving experience.

Buying Auto Insurance

It can be tricky to get the very best rate and the best policy for your auto insurance. You want to make sure that in the event of an accident you have great coverage for injuries and things of that nature, but you also want to make sure that you are not overpaying for that policy. You may find that you can even customize your auto insurance to fit your needs perfectly.

Questions To Ask As You Consider Bailing Someone Out

Being in the position of having to bail someone out is tricky. While you don't want to leave your friend or relative hanging, you also don't want to put yourself in a bad situation, financially or personally. Here are some questions you can ask to help evaluate the situation. What Is the Person's Record? Is the person a first-time offender who has an otherwise solid personal record? Then, it might be well worth it to help this person out and bail them out of jail.

Landscaping Insurance

If you are running a landscaping business, it is very important that you are set up with a good business plan. You need to make sure that you are earning a profit and that all your overhead expenses are kept to a minimum. You need to ensure that all of your equipment is well maintained and operates properly. Your return on investment needs to be just right, and a good portion of the money you make needs to go back into the business to be ready for any unexpected repairs or purchases.

Does Your Standard Home Insurance Policy Cover Wind Damage From Hurricanes?

Generally, standard home insurance policies cover damage caused by wind due to windstorms and hurricanes. But in certain hurricane-prone areas, homeowners are required to purchase separate hurricane insurance in addition to fire, theft, liability, and flood coverage. Therefore, wherever you live, it's important to make certain that you have the insurance coverage you need to cover damage from wind and wind-driven rain whether minor or severe. Coverage If your home insurance policy covers storm damages caused by wind, you can file a claim to replace shattered windows and roofing shingles that blow off.

These Four Things Will Increase The Reconstruction Cost Of Your House

People purchase homeowners insurance for different reasons, but the chief one is so that they can repair or reconstruct their homes in case of damage. That's why it's important to ensure that your insurance coverage can fund the cost of reconstructing your home to its present state. This is especially important if it has been long since you evaluated the cost of rebuilding your home. After all, these four factors can seriously affect the cost of the reconstruction:

5 Factors to Consider When Deciding if You Need Rental Car Insurance

Many motorists don't know how to respond when they're asked at a car rental office if they want to purchase insurance. Obviously, it's important that you have insurance coverage when you're traveling in a rental car, but there are many potential ways you might be covered already without knowing it. Consider the following five factors when you're renting a car to help determine whether or not you need to purchase a rental insurance policy for your trip:

Why Would One "Bother" With Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Those who don't own cars are often advised to buy non-owner car insurance. If you don't own a car, you are probably wondering why you should bother with this coverage. The reality is that it isn't a bother at all since non-owner car coverage offers several benefits. Here are three benefits you will find useful: Continuous Coverage Auto insurance companies are wary of motorists with gaps in their coverage history.

Potential Complications Of Sharing Renter's Insurance With A Roommate

Sharing renter's insurance with a roommate is possible, but it isn't advisable. Potential complications may affect your shared coverage and even ruin your friendship with your roommate. Here are three examples of such complications: Sharing Bills and Check If you are sharing renter's insurance with a roommate, the insurer will treat you as a single entity, which means it will issue you with a single bill (for your premiums) and settlement check (in the case of a loss).

Assessing Private Flood Insurance

With increased levels of snow and rain hitting the ground this winter, flooding is an issue at the forefront of many homeowners' minds. Most insurance policies do not cover damages caused by flooding, so it's important that you take the time to assess the private flood insurance policies available to add onto your existing home insurance policy. Here are three things that you should be considering to ensure you have the best private flood insurance to add to your home's existing coverage.

Auto-Insurance 101: What Is High-Risk Auto Insurance?

Just as the name suggests, high-risk automobile insurance is intended for someone the insurance provider deems to be a high risk. This is someone who has made frequent claims in the past and is frequently at fault for accidents. This is someone who has a history that suggests they are more likely to make claims in the future. If you could be considered "high risk," it is normal for you to want to know more about this type of insurance.

3 Facts You Should Know When You Need An Sr22

In many states, if you have been convicted for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or been ticketed for driving a vehicle without insurance, you may have been ordered by a judge to obtain an SR22. You may also need it as the result of a suspended driver's license.  However, it is not unusual for people to need an SR22 without actually knowing what it is. Therefore, the following information will help you fully understand the details of this important addition to your car insurance.